COLOR COLORIS - Italian color insight



Color forecast

24 months ahead of time, Color Coloris defines the forecast of the color ranges applied by the productive sectors in design and fashion, from raw material to finished product


To see, to touch, to feel the color enhancing aesthetic and function

Work in progress

The intense teamwork is the starting point for a “work in progress” that requires an accurate monitoring of the market, of the social development, the identification of new needs and new micro and macro trends

Concept & trends

Sharing and defining influences and color atmospheres of the future defining seasonal proposals

Color & communication

Color Coloris provides communication activities on Color.


May 2010 - University of Fashion - London. Color Coloris launches the theme “GREEN FRAMES” supporting the culture of recycling, reuse and sustainability. In this area Color Coloris intends to pursue the commitment to a strong creative awareness with its associates and its public

The italian reds

November 2010 - Rajamangala University of Technology Krungthep - Bangkok. On the occasion of the Intercolor Workshop, on the theme “Local color concept influences international trends” Color Coloris presents the research the italian reds

From the Etruscans to Pompeii, from the Renaissance to Titian Red, from Cardinal Red to Venetian Red and the famous Valentino and Ferrari Reds. The color Red, the symbol and value of italian creativity, has become a code of international reference



Color Coloris is a member of the international association INTERCOLOR, which includes representatives from the most influential countries with which it interfaces every six months for exchanges, proposals and analyses of color design

fairs & exhibitions

Color Coloris designs Color Areas on current topics of interest

trend area "Green Frames"

products for the home, the result of eco-friendly production, recycled objects and art on the green theme

trend area on the theme of "RED"

“Italian Red”, recognized by the world of design and international fashion as the leading color for 2011

Color Coloris at AbitaMi

Color Coloris participates at AbitaMi with a project analysis of color as a social signal, engine choices of consumption, means of communication in the various moments of everyday life. The project is called Colorama.


COLOR COLORIS was invited by RIVA Expo, the event that promotes contracts, wellness, the hotel industry and catering. Involving approximately 5000 user groups in the territory and surrounding area alone, the new formula of the initiative focuses on "design". A gallery of architects, established professionals who design hotels and spas both in Italy and abroad, presented their skills and enlivened a series of panels involving the public, the press and the local authorities.



Color Coloris collaborates with design and fashion magazines developing reports on the color trends and forecasts


the italian magazine distributed throughout the world that anticipates trends in colors and materials. Color Coloris published the Fall/winter 2012/13 previews



Presentation in video and images of the artwork produced for presentation at the International Intercolor.

COMO - 18 march 2013 – HOTEL PALACE
10.00-17.00, lungolago Trieste 16.
SPEAKERS: Daniele Aliverti, Nello Marelli; Vittorio Giomo, President of ColorColoris

MILANO – 22 march 2013 - Biblioteca della Moda
via Alessandria, 8 Milano
SPEAKERS: Vittorio Giomo, Grazia Billio, Rita Spaggiari

PRATO – 5 april 2013 - VIEW ON TREND
10.00-15.30, via del Mulinuzzo, 97 Prato
SPEAKERS: Ornella Bignami, Vice President of ColorColoris, Mirella Becucci

BIELLA Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto 30 maggio 2011

On the occasion of the Intercolor International Conference of Color, Color Coloris presents “Fantas-Cromie”, the spring/ summer 2013 color forecast


Color Coloris offers seminars, conferences, workshops and training courses about Color to Institutions and Companies

Workshop for businesses that produce ceramic and glass, associates of the Confartagianato in Vicenza - December 20, 2011

Confartigianato invited COLOR COLORIS to Vicenza to hold a workshop on color trends, specifically focussed on lifestyle and gift items as an expression of "tailor made", in an update on colors for spring-summer 2012 and autumn 2013.

The workshop entitled "uno sguardo al futuro del settore della ceramica porcellana e vetro (Looking at the future of ceramics, porcelain and glass)" included a presentation accompanied by a Power Point display and suggestions by Ornella Bignami, President of Color Coloris, and assisted by Paola Rossi.

The meeting with about forty companies including artisans, was appreciated both for its content and for the dynamics of the workshop and the quality of the information. The Professional association together with Confartigianato will work actively to hold similar initiatives with Color Coloris